The members of the AOOPA believe all consumers, from chefs to food service to cooks at home, should be able to trust the quality of the olive oil they buy and be certain it meets effective test standards.

The quality and flavor of olive oil depend upon the quality and variety of the olives; how quickly they are milled; and the milling process. With olive oil, fresher is better … for both flavor and health!

Consumers deserve to know and trust:

  • Where the olives were grown,
  • Their harvest date,
  • The “best by” date, and
  • The grade of olive oil  

Only with that knowledge can they make informed choices about the oil they buy and serve.

We encourage individuals to visit and learn from olive oil experts such as the UC Davis Olive Center.

A global marketplace with honestly labeled olive oil and educated consumers is the best market for all participants.  All olive oil should be tested under effective, uniform, science-based standards and labeled with the harvest date, source, grade and a “best by” date.

Reports of fraudulent olive oil in any market hurt all producers on all continents. They undercut stability in all markets, with consumers unsure of what to trust.

Science-based standards that transcend markets are essential for the future of the growing global olive oil market – for both producers and consumers. Standards empower consumers to compare, protect all users from fraud, and promote a vibrant, competitive industry.