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The American Olive Oil Producers Association (AOOPA) was established as a voice for high quality domestic olive oil producers and consumers. America farmers united in 2012, forming AOOPA as a non-profit trade association, to ensure that there is a robust domestic production of extra virgin olive oil for consumer's health benefit and culinary enjoyment.
American Olive Oil Producers Association Mission:

To promote the viability of the domestic olive oil industry and ensure the integrity of olive oil for consumers



2015- 2018




Gregg Kelley
California Olive Ranch



Patrick Ricchiuti
Enzo Olive Oil Company



Kyle Sawatzky
Bari Olive Oil Company


Michael Carpenter
Pepper Oaks Farm


Adam Englehardt
Boundary Bend Olives


Jim Etters
Yocha Dehe Farm & Ranch


Dan Kennedy
Kennedy-Couto Partnership


Rod Radtke
Harris Farms


Jason Shaw
Georgia Olive Farms


Josh Swafford
Heart of Texas Olive Orchards


John Williams
Big W Ranch
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